Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday, 24 February 2014


My very humble abode.  The simple farm life in all its glory.

R xxx

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ello Ello.  Well after a quite frankly poor blog writing year I have decided to start it up again.  Not with my pointless ramblings but with pictures of what im up to and to show the beautiful place which I live in.

To start us off, pics of my awesome camping trip to Te Moana this week.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Camping Rules

No 1 -  do not pitch a tent under a clay cliff face
No 2 - do not set up camp next to a floodable river with no road access
No 2 - do not borrow a tent from someone you can't hide from

An awesomely fun time had camping at the stunning Rakaia gorge.  Lots of lessons learnt and a bruised head and destroyed tent to show for it!

Cooking on fire in a cave, blanketed in the brightest starry sky, seeing a shooting star and the milky way, fishing in the sunrise, mighty breakfast sandwiches, long open roads and the sound of a running river to fall asleep too.

Very much enjoyed going back to basics, simplicity, to enjoy the beauty that is all around us.  Peace and quiet was bliss. 
And we survived what nature threw at us, so that's the main thing!

A dramatic workplace walk out was to thank for the time for a trip away.  I need to start listening to my very wise body, it knows best!  Next time, I promise. 

I am now re grouping will soon be reassessing.  I was doing too much, working for someone who brought me down, that's not what its about.  Falling into the rat run is never going to work for me, plan B or more like Q will be in the making!

Pics to follow

Easter Pics

 Campy breakfast
 The Morning View after the stormy night
 Beautiful Sunrise
A spot of early morning fishing!


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mary mary quite contrary

She  came she brought 2600 people to our we're town, she went.
The excitement of last week was the visit fom the Queen Mary 2, a big old girl.  Sadly couldn't see her from work, but I felt her presence, through making 35 orders of fish and chips over lunch.  It seems to be a cruise ship thing, they go nuts for fish and chips and of course all come at once!  Was fun though, love it when its busy. 
I relaxed after my shift, Akaroa style, rather than flaking out in front of the tele, went kayKing!  Yes I know!  It is still me, honest.  Then wine and pizza,  see told you it was me really!
We tried to kayak up to Mary but she was quite far out, but got to see her, quite smart looking compared to the others, but not that special really.  But cruise ships don't ding my bell anyway.

A rainy day off today.  It rained (proper nz rain, none of this drizzle nonsense!) All night and hasn't stopped.  I briefly awoke and back to snoozly land for an epic lie in!  I have popped out to check emails and get a coffee ( working in cafes has made me a coffee fiend again!). And fully intend to go back to bed now!!  Maybe a cuppa and a movie, yum.
My musings to go into the city to geg brake pads and a toothbrush seem a distant snoozy dream.

I have just got a piano book out the library, so maybe a tinkle later, oooh and I got sausages for tea.  Rocking Monday!

Bysie bye for now